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How it all Began

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

I'm sitting in my dorm room, my freshman year of college, applying to a few academic programs abroad and stalking people on Instagram (like any college girl does) when my mom calls me. She tells me that there is a liquor license up for sale and that my twin sister and I should buy it. Being a nineteen-year-old, I have no idea what she is talking about and I say, "okay." A few weeks go by and I receive an email saying I've been accepted into the study abroad program in Australia. I am over the moon. My sister and I are going to travel the world together and it is going to be amazing! I also get the news that our bid on the liquor license has been accepted. Wow! Two major life changes in one semester. Before we leave for Australia, we begin the process of purchasing the liquor license. This is no easy feat. Meagher County has too many liquor licenses for the population of the area and because of that two of them are grandfathered in. This means that people can protest the purchase of those liquor licenses because they feel they are unfit for a community of such size. Three people decide to protest us. We hire a lawyer and go to court to fight the protests and see if any of their points are valid. Some of the points brought up in the hearing are: we are too young to own a bar, there's a picture of me drinking kombucha online (which supposedly means I support underage drinking), and the imagined issue of purchasing liquor and beer without being twenty-one. The law in Montana permits an individual of age nineteen to own a liquor license and states the legal age to pick up and purchase liquor and beer for businesses as eighteen. Therefore, we are confident our goals will follow the law.

We purchased the building as a bakery and had to completely remodel to turn it into a bar and restaurant.

After our fun semester abroad, we get the results from the hearing. They find no evidence proving our establishment would be unfit for the community. We can open our bar and restaurant! We only have twelve months to get all of this done before the liquor license lapses and becomes inactive. By the time we get the results from the hearing, we have four months left to finish the remodeling and get open for business. Crunch time. We work sunrise to sunset remodeling, and soft open in July, just in time for the Red Ants Pants Music Festival in 2018.

We had an official Grand Opening October 8, 2018, with a 1920's theme.

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