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An Open Letter on our 2nd Anniversary

Two years ago, with the Red Ants Pants Festival hot on our heels, we clicked on our neon sign and opened our doors for the Jawbone's first dinner service. Our fingertips were sore from distressing the wood ceiling, scrubbing the hood above the grill and muscling pallets of liquor and kegs of beer into the cooler. We could've used another week, or even another month to get everything perfect- but life doesn't wait for you to be ready, and the Red Ants Pants Festival waits for no one. Two years in and like any other young business, we still aren't perfect. The coronavirus has changed every social and economic norm on which we built our business plan. Yet, that hasn't deterred us. It has served as a reminder that life is about adapting and relying on the community to solve problems collectively. We've spent two years listening and learning to our loyal customer base, no matter the current difficulties so that we can face them together. Meagher County provided us with a childhood like no other, a college education, and an entrepreneurial start that most twenty-year-olds can't even imagine. We are always in awe of the opportunities afforded us because of where we live, and although many expected us to pack up and skip town after graduating college, we want you to know that we are in it for the long haul. Today marks the first two years of doing business and acts as a reminder that we are just beginning our commitment to White Sulphur Springs. When we moved here with our mother in 2010, we thought it would be a pit stop on our way to bigger and better things. Little did we know then that the biggest and best things in life are where you least expect them. This town is our home, and owning a business on Main Street is the greatest accomplishment of our lives. We are continuously blessed to be precisely where we are and humbled to be doing what we're doing. Times may call for us to adapt and adjust, but we hope that with each passing year, you can count on us to be here, cocktails, charcuterie boards, and great company at your service.

Thank you so much!

XOXO, the Jawbone.

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