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Graduating Class of Corona

Updated: May 28, 2020

Pop the cork on a chilled bottle of Veuve Clicquot, if you're fancy, or Cook's if you're not!

It's a celebration! After our mother preparing us for the inevitability, the difficulty, and the privilege of earning a higher education our whole life, we have finally received our bachelor's degrees and graduated from Carroll College! No one could have prepared us for our last semester as college seniors, not while the Corona Virus wreaked havoc. As we lost our chef in March and were searching for his replacement, it hit us that the reality of social distancing and public safety systems might make hiring a new chef the least of our worries. We pivoted from going to class on our beautiful campus to logging into zoom meetings from our couch. We brushed up on our knowledge of small business loans and government safety nets at the same time as we studied for finals. We managed our sister business, Bar 47, which employs far more staff while implementing sanitation guidelines to satisfy the bubble boy's mother.

If you would have told us that the last couple of months would have played out this way, who knows if we would've thought we could handle it. That's the thing, though; you never know in advance the challenges that will arise. That is also half the fun. When you begin climbing a mountain, you never know if you will have to step over a log once on the way up or twenty times. The level of difficulty never takes away from the reward. As we've taken each day of this pandemic in stride, we found the strength to tackle every obstacle without letting the idea of future obstacles stop us. Yes, we have had to close our beloved business temporarily, but we've become better owners in learning how to cope with that. We have also become better neighbors and family members as we learned the purpose and beauty of simply being alive amongst our loved ones and fellow humans.

It is hard to celebrate happy things in troubled times, but we're a part of a community for that reason. We want to raise our glass not only to our classmates and fellow graduates of 2020 but also to everyone who has faced the realities of the last few months. We should all be proud of what we have personally accomplished, no matter how different those accomplishments might be in comparison to what we'd planned. This life we have in front of us is difficult, and as long as we're trying, we're doing a pretty darn good job! We can't wait to open back up after this crisis and celebrate all our collective victories with you!

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